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Join Us as Challengers to the Status Quo in the Chiropractic World

Grow your practice and add value to your patient's lives.

Why Choose Us

Help Intelligent Solutions DX in the Battle Against Digestive Disorders

Digestive Health Facts from the National Institute of Health

  • 70 Million People in the US with Digestive Disorders

  • $142 Billion in cost to American Business and Government

  • 126 Million Ambulatory Care Visits

  • 41 Million Emergency Room Visits

  • 472,000 Deaths in 2019

  • No plan other than pills and trial/error.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your practice with the IS382 COMPLETE test, the only test that looks for the C3d protein which can increase reactions 1,000 to 10,000 times the base reaction level. Offer your patients a deeper understanding of their health and a path towards optimal wellbeing. For more information and to get started, contact us.

We believe we can change the world by defeating Digestive Disorders, and Chiropractors are the vehicle. With the simple prick of a finger, you can add significantly add value to your patients lives.

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Tests for 382 foods, identifying allergies, sensitivities, and tolerances, including unique C3d Complement detection for amplified reaction insights all in one test.

Ease and Convenience

Utilizes a painless, efficient blood collection method, ensuring comfort and precision without the need for traditional fingersticks.

Simple Collection Technique

Offers comprehensive reports categorizing food reactions into levels, enabling personalized dietary recommendations for improved patient health.

Detailed Health Insights

We guarantee that we will never sell directly to your patients, ensuring you remain the exclusive source of this revolutionary health solution.

Exclusive To Providers

Access a range of professional marketing materials designed to help you effectively communicate the benefits of diagnostic testing.

Empowering Patient Health

Includes 30 days of free email marketing assistance with your first order of four tests, helping you effectively communicate this new offering to patients.

Innovative Technology Integration

Unlock the Potential

Personalized Healthcare with the IS382 Complete Test

We test for food allergies, sensitivities, and tolerance.

At Intelligent Solutions DX, we're dedicated to empowering chiropractors with cutting-edge tools and resources to enhance patient care. Our flagship product, the IS382 Complete Test, is a groundbreaking diagnostic tool that tests food Allergy, Sensitivity, Tolerance, and C3d to uncover vital health insights. Tailored specifically for chiropractic practices, the IS382 Complete offers a unique opportunity to elevate patient wellness and practice growth.