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Explore a wealth of resources including videos, presentations, print marketing materials, and more, designed to empower chiropractors to enrich patient care and add value to their practice.

Empower Your Practice

With Our Comprehensive Resources

Welcome to your go-to hub for enhancing patient engagement and elevating your practice’s profile. Our carefully curated selection of marketing materials is designed to support you in communicating the benefits of our advanced diagnostic tests. Discover a variety of resources crafted to help you effectively reach out to your patients and showcase the value of personalized healthcare solutions.

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Download Now and Transform Your Practice

Explore our resources and download the tools that best fit your practice’s needs. Start leveraging these materials today to inform, engage, and inspire your patients towards a healthier future.

What is the IS382 COMPLETE Test?

The IS382 COMPLETE is a comprehensive food allergy, sensitivity and tolerance test that analyzes your body's immune response to 382 different foods.

How the IS382 Test Works

The test is quick and easy, requiring only a small blood sample obtained through a painless finger prick that you can do at home.

Making the Most of Our Resources:

Each of our marketing materials is designed with both the chiropractor and patient in mind, ensuring information is conveyed clearly and effectively. Utilize these resources to:

Enhance Patient Communication: Simplify complex health concepts and emphasize the importance of diagnostic testing in personalized healthcare plans.

Drive Engagement: Attract and retain patients by showcasing your practice’s commitment to innovative healthcare solutions.

Support Practice Growth: Utilize our marketing materials to position your practice as a leader in personalized healthcare, attracting new patients and strengthening relationships with existing ones.

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