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The Intelligent Solutions DX Difference

At Intelligent Solutions DX We Exist to Add Value

Intelligent Solutions DX stands apart by pioneering the integration of cutting-edge technology and personalized health insights. Our advanced diagnostic tools, including the IS382 COMPLETE test, are designed to uncover deep insights into food sensitivities, allergies, and tolerances, empowering healthcare providers to offer tailored, impactful care. We commit to innovation, accuracy, and support, ensuring that our partners have the resources to make informed decisions for their patients. With Intelligent Solutions DX, experience a new era of healthcare, where precision meets patient-centered care.

Bringing Intelligent Ideas, Products and Technologies to the World

We believe everything we do challenges the status quo. This belief defines us. In the world of Chiropractors, we will do this by providing World Class tests and processes that will add value to their patient’s lives. These tests, while complex, will be simple to use, the processes will be simple to use and the results will add value to patient’s lives, as well as add value to the Chiropractor’s practice.

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Quality of Life

We believe in doing what you love! Simply, we make tests that are easier to use and less complicated. This means working effectively and efficiently to provide the best possible answers. Customers receive accurate and timely diagnostic reports.

We help you perform at the highest level using the most ingenious diagnostic protocols . . . easily, quickly, and productively. Our value lies in helping our clients thrive.

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