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30 Days of Free Email Marketing

Get no-cost access to Echo 8 to engage with your patients on social media, your website, and through email.

What We Will Do For You

To effectively drive traffic to your chiropractic clinic and encourage bookings for the IS382 Complete test, our marketing team will leverage the powerful tools available on our Echo8 platform. Our comprehensive strategy will encompass various digital and offline marketing techniques to ensure maximum reach and engagement. Here's how we will help:

  • Email Marketing Campaigns: We will create and manage email marketing campaigns from your clinic's email address, targeting both existing patients and new prospects. These emails will include information about the IS382 Complete test, its benefits, and easy booking links.

  • Branded Social Media Content: Our team will design and publish engaging social media posts, stories, and ads that highlight the IS382 Complete test. These posts will be tailored to each platform and aligned with your clinic's branding.

  • Dedicated Website Page: We will add a dedicated page to your website specifically about the IS382 Complete test. This page will provide detailed information, patient testimonials, and a direct call-to-action for booking appointments.

  • Whitepapers and Trifolds: We will design informative whitepapers and trifolds that explain the importance of the IS382 Complete test. These materials will be available for digital download and printed distribution in your clinic.

  • Educational Videos: Our team will produce high-quality videos explaining the IS382 Complete test, its procedures, and its benefits. These videos can be shared on your website, social media, and played in your waiting room.

  • PowerPoint Presentations: We will create informative PowerPoint presentations that can be played in your waiting room or used during patient consultations to educate about the IS382 Complete test.

  • Blog Posts: We will write SEO-optimized blog posts about the IS382 Complete test, addressing common patient questions and highlighting its benefits. These posts will drive organic traffic to your website.

By implementing these strategies, we will ensure that your chiropractic clinic reaches a broader audience and converts interest into appointments for the IS382 Complete test.


Chiropractic Practice Management

Echo 8 transforms chiropractic marketing with targeted digital strategies including:

  • Provides comprehensive social media management.

  • Offers personalized email and SMS campaigns.

  • Includes professional website development services.

  • Aims to attract new patients and retain existing ones.

  • Promotes specific services, like the IS382 test.

  • Encourages frequent patient visits for practice growth.

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Key Features of Echo 8


  • Echo8's CRM tool optimizes customer interactions and data tracking.

  • Provides a comprehensive platform for managing patient relationships.

  • Enhances client engagement through personalized communication.

  • Offers actionable insights to build stronger, lasting relationships with patients.

Social Media Management

  • Echo8 eases social media management with its streamlined platform.

  • Allows for efficient scheduling, posting, and tracking across multiple social networks.

  • Provides insights to enhance engagement and expand your digital footprint.

Calendar Booking

  • Echo8's calendar booking system integrates seamlessly with your schedule.

  • Allows for easy and hassle-free appointment setting.

  • Automates reminders and manages availability in real-time.

  • Ensures a smooth and efficient booking experience for both the practitioner and the clients.

Email & SMS Marketing

  • Echo8 offers powerful tools for email and SMS marketing campaigns.

  • Helps create targeted, personalized messages.

  • Improves open rates and engagement for effective communication.

  • Drives efficient marketing strategies.

Robust Website

  • Echo8's website tool offers a user-friendly platform for online presence creation and management.

  • Suitable for building a new site or optimizing an existing one.

  • Provides the tools and support needed to create attractive, functional websites.

  • Ensures effective reach to the intended audience.

Digital Proposals

  • Echo8 simplifies care proposal creation.

  • Designed to impress patients with visually appealing, persuasive presentations.

  • Streamlines the proposal process for efficiency.

  • Helps secure appointments faster with less effort.

Digital Business Cards

  • Our digital business cards offer a modern, eco-friendly networking solution.

  • They are easily shareable and customizable, ensuring your contact information is always up-to-date and accessible, making networking seamless and effective.


How Echo 8 Can Benefit Your Practice

Echo 8 enhances patient retention through targeted email and SMS marketing campaigns, promoting return visits and new service adoption.

The platform's social media management tools help chiropractic practices establish a strong online presence, attracting new patients.

Informed Clinical Decisions: Quick access to comprehensive patient information enables you to make informed decisions, tailor treatment plans, and improve health outcomes.

Echo 8's marketing tracking capabilities allow for the optimization of promotional strategies, ensuring higher conversion rates and patient engagement.

The platform facilitates direct communication with patients, promoting educational content and product offerings that increase lifetime patient value.

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Transform Your Practice with Echo 8

Echo 8 aids chiropractic practices in attracting and retaining patients through integrated social media management, enabling clinics to maintain an active online presence. It facilitates direct marketing to clients via personalized email and SMS campaigns, aimed at increasing visits and enhancing patient engagement. Furthermore, Echo 8's website development tools ensure a professional online image, helping to attract new clients by showcasing services and facilitating easy appointment bookings, which can significantly boost a practice's visibility and patient loyalty. 

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